Hunan tourism list of Scenic Spots Closed

Hunan travel authorities temporarily closed some scenic spots due to sleet and snowfall.

As of 18:00, January 26,2018,The following tourist attractions (spots) are temporarily closed.

Changsha City

49 A-level scenic spots, except for Hunan Museum, Changsha Underwater World, Shaping Town, Changsha Han and Hui Folk Culture Scenic Spot.

Hengyang City

Huaguoshan Scenic Spot, Hengyang County

Xiangtan City

Peng Dehuai Memorial Hall, Wanlou Scenic Spot, Meilin Agricultural Park

Shaoyang City

Yunshan Scenic Area and Haihuanong Scenic Area in Wugang City; Huangsang Natural Reserve in Suining County; Jinjing Lake and former residence of Cai E in Shaoyang County; all scenic spots in Dongkou and Longhui counties; crape myrtle park in Shuangqing District; Baishui Cave in XinshaoCounty; NanshanPasture Scenic Spot in Chengbu Miao Autonomous County

Yueyang City

All scenic spots in Pingjiang County; Wujian Mountain in Linxiang City; Dayun Mountain and Xiangsi Mountain in Yueyang County, Sheng’an Temple; Yuanpu Tower, Museum of Yuezhou Kiln Site, and former residence of ZuoZongtangin Xiangyin County

Changde City

Chengtoushan and Pengshan scenic spots in Lixian County; Former Residence of Lin Boqu, Taifushan Mountain, and Fuchuan Wetland in Linli County; Wuyunjie and Yiwang Stream scenic spots in Taoyuan County; Huayanxi Scenic Area in Dingcheng District; Huping Mountain Grand Canyon in Shimen County; Rice-themed Park in West Dongting Administration Area

Yiyang City

Taohua River Bamboo Sea Scenic Area and Yangquanwan Rural Tourism Area in Taojiang County; Jinda Fishing Village near Dalong Lake; Ancient Tea-horse Road Scenic Spot, China Meishan Cultural Park, and Yuntai Mountain’s Shenxianyan Scenic Spot inAnhua County; Water Park of Yunmengfangzhou International Tourist Resort and Dongting Lake Wetland Experience Hall in Ziyang District; Wanzi Lake Wharf, South Dongting Lake Wharf, and Babaili Wharf in Yuanjiang City

Chenzhou City

Wangxianling Scenic Sport in Suxian District; Huilong Mountain in Zixing City

Zhangjiajie City

Tianmen Mountain, Laodaowan Scenic Spot, Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, Longwang (Dragon King) Cave, Wulei Mountain, all scenic posts in Sangzhi County except for He Long Memorial Hall

Huaihua City

All scenic spots in the city

Loudi City

Qujiangyuan Scenic Spot, Daxiong Mountain National Forest Park, Ziquejie Terraced Fields Scenic Area, Meijiang Scenic Spot, and Zijiang Scenic Spot

Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture

Aizhai Bridge in Jishou City; South Great Wall Scenic Spot in Fenghuang County; Laosicheng Site in Yongshun County; Zuolong Gorge and Hanwu Miao Village in Guzhang County; Shibadong Scenic Spot in Huayuan County; Lvdong Mountain Scenic Spot in Baojing County; scenic spots in Luxi County

Translator: Xiao Juan