Hunan to Promote Mutual Development with Yangtze River Economic Zone

During the "Two Sessions" this year, Du Jiahao, governor of Hunan Province, stressed at the “Report on the Work of the Hunan Provincial People's Government” that Hunan should adhere to its strategic position of the transitional zone from the eastern coastal areas to the central and western areas as well as the junction zone of the Yangtze River Open Economic Belt and the Coastal Open Economic Belt, utilize geographic advantages, and build a more beautiful and fertile great lake economic zone. Mr. Du’s proposal received positive appraisal from deputies.

The idea “transitional zone and junction zone” was put forward by President Xi Jinping when he inspected Hunan in November, 2013. He hoped that Hunan could utilize its geographic advantages, grasp significant opportunities of gradient industrial transfer and national support for development of central and western regions, and improve overall quality and competitiveness of its economy.

Deputies believed that Hunan can expand its development space and market via utilizing its geographic advantages and propelling mutual development with the Yangtze River Economic Zone. The construction of Yangtze River Economic Zone is another significant measure for inland areas to promote economic zones after launching the opening strategy of coastal areas. Hunan will witness new development by making full use of these opportunities.

Translator: Wang Xiaolu

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal