Hunan to Add 16 Expressways to Transport Network in 2012

Hunan Expressway Administration Bureau revealed that 16 expressway sections with a total length of 1,320 km are scheduled to be open for traffic by the end of the year. This achievement will make Hunan first among other provinces in terms of national expressway construction targets and will also mark a historic high in expressway mileage in the province.

Forty-nine expressway projects have kicked off in the province since 2008. By the end of 2010, the length of expressways under construction hit 4,064 km, ranking first across the country. Added to the in-use road length, the entire expressway network totals 6,450 km, rising to the national top three from the 17th place in 2007.

The provincial transport department has urged responsible officials and workers to strive to guarantee the readiness of the 16 expressway sections before the new year. Due attention must be paid to ensuring project quality and security, operation reliability and stability, with advanced consideration of next year's work.

The 16 expressways included are Jishou-Changdong Expressway (traffic ready), Ningyuan-Dao County Expressway, Loudi-Xinhua Expressway, Hengyang-Guiyang Expressway, Guiyang-Linwu Expressway, Jishou-Huaihua Expressway (Jishou-Fenghuang Section ready), Changsha-Xiangtan Expressway, Yanling-Mu Village Expressway, Yanling Expressway, Nanyue Expressway, Dawei-Liuyang Expressway, Liuyang-Liling Expressway, Tongcheng-Pinjiang Expressway, Rucheng-Chenzhou Expressway, Chenzhou-Ningyuan Expressway, and Yongzhou-Nanshan Expressway.

Translator: Guo Yan

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal