Hunan Shaoshan to Forge Classic Red Culture-oriented Travel

During the “12th Five-year Plan” period (2011-2015), Shaoshan, hometown of Chairman Mao, is to further its “Red Tradition” by implementing a red travel industry development plan so as to forge a film and television studio of “Red Subject”.
Mayor of the city Xiang Min told that during the next five years, Shaoshan is scheduled to bolster its travel industry by carrying out the “14461Program”. That is, the number of tourists to Shaoshan will hit 10mln; the main focus will go to the exploitation of four places, namely, Tian’er(swan) Mountain, Shao Feng Peak, Blackstone Village and Shizi(lion) Mountain; at least four 4-star hotels and conference and exhibition centers are to be built; new investment will be injected into 6 areas, i.e. red culture experience, red culture performance, red culture film shooting, red culture education, red culture exhibition and green leisure sports; the total travel revenue will exceeding 10bln Yuan.
In early April, the city collaborates with Beijing Red Joint Investment Co.,Ltd. in building a national red culture film shooting studio surrounding the Former Residence of Chairman Mao Zedong. The total input comes up to 1.5bln yuan.

Translator: Zhou Qiong
Source: Hunan Official Web Portal