Hunan Province Foreigner Photo Contest Arrives at Huanglong Cave

On December 7th, A warm winter day, contestants of the Hunan Province Foreigner Photo Contest, An event jointly organized by the Hunan Official Web Portal and Hunan Provincial Tourism Bureau, reached Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. Their first stop is Huanglong Cave.

“Hello”, They were warmly greeted by local children well before they entered the cave. The children, who showed the greatest interest to those good-looking men, surrounded and talked with them in fluent English.

When the photographers entered the cave, they suddenly found themselves bumping into a magical and fantastic world. Countless stalactites, against numerous colored lights, displayed a spectacular and grand view. The photographers marveled at the natural wonder and took photos one after another.

“May I live here”, asked one photographer, who was fascinated so much and didn’t want to leave any more.

Translator By Tang Li