Hunan Province,the Miao Festival of Jingzhou County Convened

The jubilant Miao Festival of the Miao compatriot in Jingzhou County was convened on January 20 (First day of the 12th lunar month). Thousands of tourists came to Disun Miao village, the third stop of the famous TV show “Dad, Where Are We Going?” for experiencing the minority folk customs. They not only drank "Lanmen wine" (A custom for local people to welcome distinguished guests), tasted sasanqua as well as rested in the parent-child house that was demonstrated in the TV show, but also experienced several folk-custom competitions in a bid to share the happiness of Miao Festival, including carrying pumpkin, making glutinous rice cake, parent-child kangaroo-like climb along with pig running.

The Miao girls present their daily life to the tourists on stage.

A priest lights the flame in Disun Miao Village of Jingzhou County, Hunan Province.

Translator: Cui Yiyang

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal