Hunan Nanshan Folk Song Festival Promo Video Debuts at Times Square

Recently the June 6th Folk Song Festival 2017 Hunan (Nanshan) promo video was on display at Times Square with a vibrant folk element, providing pedestrians an eye opening experience of traditional Chinese folk culture from Miao and Dong villages.

The June 6th Folk Song Festival has been held for nineteen years. This display has brought more influence to the festival, inviting global singers to participate in.


The CPC Shaoyang Municipal Committee;

Shaoyang Municipal People's Government;

Hunan Musicians Association.


Publicity Department of the CPC Shaoyang Municipal Committee;

Shaoyang Ethnic and Religious Affairs Committee;

Shaoyang Municipal Bureau of Culture, Sports, Radio and News;

Shaoyang Bureau of Tourism and Foreign Affairs, Hong Kong, Macao, and Overseas Chinese Affairs;

Shaoyang Federation of Literary and Art Circles;

Shaoyang Television;

CPC Chengbu Miao Autonomous County Committee;

The People's Government of Chengbu Miao Autonomous County.

The Folk Song Competition has fully opened up for enrollment via three main channels of Weibo, WeChat H5, and PC special report. The contestants may send their videos to the official Micro-blog or WeChat public ID (hnxx12012) and email (lidandan@hunanmail.sina.com.cn).

Translator: Xiao Juan