Hunan, Laos Boost Travel Cooperation

On the afternoon of July 9, the farewell ceremony of the first Hunan tourist group to visit Laos was held at Changsha Huanghua International Airport. Consisting of 100 Hunanese who will journey to for five-days and end in Vientiane, the capital of Laos.

“The launch of the “Hunan tourists visit Laos” activity is of great significance to cultural travel cooperation between Hunan and Laos,” said Chen Xianchun, director of the Hunan Provincial Tourism Development Commission. Chen added that travel serves as a bridge to spread civilization, promote cultural exchanges, and enhance friendship. “Hunan tourists visit Laos” program will last for over 2 years, and is an important window to showcase Hunan’s travel.

The participating Hunan tourists will visit well-known Laotian scenic spots, including Wat Xieng Khuan, Wat That Luang, Patuxay, Ang Nam Ngum, and Tham Jang. They will attend a local enterprises salon in Vientiane.

The farewell ceremony for the first Hunan tourist group to Laos.

Hunan provincial leaders and the first Hunan to Laos tourist group

Translator: Xiao Juan