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Hunan Huaihua Holds the First Legal Culture Festival

Recently, a brilliant legal culture performance was staged in the studio of the Huaihua Broadcast and TV Group, unveiling the curtain of the five-day Huaihua First Legal Culture Festival.

The festival, jointly hosted by the Commission of Politics and Law of the CPC Huaihua Municipal Committee, Huaihua Municipal Publicity Department, Huaihua Municipal Bureau of Justice and Huaihua Municipal Office of Law-based Government, will unfold the selection contest in the city themed with “The Most Influential Law-abiding Personnel & Event in 2012”. In addition, such activities as citywide legal culture performances, outstanding calligraphy & photography works exhibition themed with “Law-ruled Huaihua, Harmonious Wuxi”, and a carnival to popularize legal knowledge in communities.

Translator: Zhang Minsi

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal