Hunan Fourth masses climbing competitions held in Zhangjiajie Park

October 27th to 28th, the climbing race of the fourth public sports meeting held in Yellowstone village of zhangjiajie nationnal forest park and other scenic areas. From the 14 cities (state) delegation of more than 100 athletes to participate in this game.

This competition was organised by hunan provincial sports bureau, and was undertaken by the people’s government of zhangjiajie, aiming to widen the mass sports climbing route, enhancing the citizens’ sports consciousness, strengthening the sports team, improving the comprehensive quality of citizens.

The routes were from the forest park tickets station, passed through Laomo bay, huangshi village restaurant, and other spots; and dropped down from cableway station, returned to Laomo bay, and then to forest park tickets station. It covered a total of 10000 meters. The whole journey was full of flagging, the surrounding with cliffs, green trees and bushes, with an exquisite scenery.

Translated by Sophia