Hunan cuisine:Super Huge Fish Dish in Changsha

Have you ever made a fish dish? How long did you cost on cooking a fish head dish? The recent answer is 120 minutes.

The 23rd Chinese Cuisine Chef festival is being held in the capital of Hunan province, Changsha. The most eye-catching event during this festival is the chili fish head, which aims to applying for the Guinness record for the biggest fish head and biggest cooking plate. In order to finish this incredible dish, more than 20 chefs, over 7.5 kg specially-made chili, 2.5kg oil and more than 10 kg ingredient such as caraway are provided on the scene.

The whole fish weighs over 50 kg; its head weighs about 25kg. Information sourced from the sponsor of this festival, this super huge fish is called bighead carp and caught from Jiangya reservoir in Zhangjiajie. Moreover, The longevity of this super fish is more than 4 years old.

Now the experts have made an accurate and authoritative announcement that the super bighead dish is a miracle, which succeeds in Guinness application.

By Aileen