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Hunan Changsha Promotes Travel Sector

Changsha has placed special emphasis on 7 featured travel industrial chains including bars, fireworks and embroidery. Great efforts will be made in promoting these areas and integrating travel resources to advance the city’s prosperity, so as to create revenue of 70 billion yuan in 2012 and over 120 billion yuan in 2015.

As “a city of happiness”, Changsha will make full use of its advantages in bar culture and Changsha Cycling Race along Xiangjiang River, to encourage and expand bar culture, develop bicycle travel chain and enhance Chansha’s popularity and reputation, building it into a national recreational center and a famous travel spot for the world.

Changsha will adopt recreational shows in order to promote development of industrial travel, particularly in the fields of bar culture and arts, centering on West Jiefang Road and Hualongchi, and integrating the resources in bar streets and performance bars.

Translator: Wang Xiaolu
Source: Hunan Official Web Portal