Hunan Arts Photography Association Focused on Zhangjiajie Sights

On April 19th, 40 Members of Hunan Arts Photography Association visited Zhangjiajie Wulinyuan core scenic area. Despite of misty continuous rain, They went to each scenic spots to shoot pictures. Founded in 1991, Hunan Arts Photography Association was created by the professional photography team of Hunan Mass Arts Museum. In recent 20 years, It has helped promoted provincial mass cultural activity and the development of photography arts.

Enchanted by the green mountains and clear waters, They eagerly pressed camera shutters to record natural oil painting-like views. It is said that this photography tour was organized by Hunan Arts Photography Association and Zhangjiajie Mass Arts Museum, aimed at creating works for the 3rd Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan National Scenery Photography Competition and promoting the popularity and reputation of Zhangjiajie travel brand. This tour would last 2 days. On the following days. The group would take the newly operated Yangjiajie cableway to shoot Yangjiajie “Forest Wall”.

Translated by Zumi