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“Hunan and the 1911 Revolution” First Released

The release ceremony for “Hunan and the 1911 Revolution” and the symposium for descendants of the 1911 Revolution were held in Changsha on Sept.28, marking the 100th anniversary of China’s Revolution.

During the Revolution period, Hunan boasts a huge number of outstanding revolutionary leaders who care about the world and the people, such as Huangxin, Song Jiaoren, Cai’e, Jiang Yiwu, Jiao Dafeng as well as Chen Zuoxin. The book “Hunan and the 1911 Revolution” was edited by the Revolutionary Committee of Chinese Kuomintang Hunan Provincial Committee, and Zhou Tienong, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC) wrote the title and dedication page. The book has collected information about 1,248 Hunan’s Hsinhai revolutionaries and over 40 events, and included the precious historical material of more than 100 pictures of cultural relics, systematically summarizing the great achievements made by Hunanese during the revolution.

Representatives such as Wang Weiming, eldest grandson of Huangxing, Caici, grandson of Cai’e, Song Pixing, great-great-granddaughter of Song Jiaoren and Jiang Zujun, grand-nephew of Jiang Yiwu attended the symposium.

Translator: Ma Huiqin
Source: Hunan Official Web Portal