Huangshi Village Cableway Offered Low Price to Recept Zhangjiajie Citizens

With the approval of  Zhangjiajie price bureau, in 2013, from January 20th to March 31th, huangshi village ropeway for the zhangjiajie citizens with valid identity certificate will enjoy forty yuan/people on single way, 70 yuan/people on double way.

The new huangshi village ropeway is the main traffic tools for the vast number of tourists to zhangjiajie huangshi village scenic area, operated in May 2010. The first enable transparent hanging cableway for mainland, 34 hanging in the car with five hanging car designed to transparent form, to bring new panoramic experience for the visiting tourists.

In addition to zhangjiajie travel enjoy low price on off-season, the minors under 1.3 meters, the students who 24 years old with bachelor degree or under the degree, the old above sixty years old, officers, civilian staff, noncommissioned officer, military retired cadres, the person who hold “the minimum living allowance for urban and rural residents claim tags” will enjoy preferential price.

Translated by Sophia