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Honeymoon Journey in Zhangjiajie

Honeymoon, as sweet as honey,it deserves an unforgettable memory.

Where is the best destination for a sweet honeymoon journey ? For a natural and particular scenic beauty ,Zhangjiajie ,a beautiful and inviting island, where a warm welcome awaits.

A honeymoon journey as limpid as water

A limpid stream run through chain of towering mountains,decorating with verdant trees,beautiful plants and joyful birds ,how miraculous the scenery is .It is the vivid picture of Golden Whip Stream.Roaming on the refreshing footpath along the Golden Whip Stream with our beloved, letting breeze kiss our cheek gently,so warm and sweet the feeling is.Moreover, you can take off shoes and step into the water ,in which there are waterweeds and little fish to please your eyes.

Be a naughty child again.Lay at the side of Golden Whip Stream and paddle in the water with your fingers. Is it not joyful? Moreover,for lovers ,we sweetly splashing each other,brightly laughing ,then,out of a sudden, we catch a glimpse of beauty in darling’s eyes and follow a spontaneous embrace and kiss.

A honeymoon journey as firm as mountain

In mornings ,as the mist lifted, the mountains reveal themselves one behind the other.In Zhangjiajie,cliffs and  mountains all vary in shapes and legends such as Tianmen Mount.Paying visit in this scenery sots ,we cannot miss the Twisting Mountain Road ,which earns a fame as the First Road Wonder in the World with 99 curves. It is as gorgeous as an upward dragon who embracing the whole mountain.Also, it serves as a witness to our firm and ever-lasting love.

If belive in Buddhism, the Tianmen Mount Temple among the Tianmen Mount is worth a pilgrimage .Here ,in fronts the holy buddha,we hand in hand and pray for a happy and solid love with our piety.

A honeymoon journey as romantic as drama

Have you ever watched a real-scene musical drama with your darling? Known as the world’s first real-scene musical drama with the high mountains and deep valleys as the stage background, Tianmen Fox Fairy promises your a romantic honeymoon journey.This drama is originated from a traditional Chinese myth and folk tale- “Love between Man and Fox”, the drama integrates the elements of folk music and modern art. As the story progresses, you will find settings everywhere from the foot of the hill to the peak, be it spotlight, stage for the chorus, background houses…everything.

Undoubtedly ,the musical drama is a visual feast .And , with the influence of this drama ,our love will also as romantic and impressive as we prayed.

A sweet and romantic honeymoon journey in Zhangjiajie is an indelible memory for lovers.


Carry warm clothes for the large temperature differences in morning and night .

Carefully choose your shoes, no high-heel shoes and slippers.

Take a waterproof or umbrella if possible.

Take some medicine for a rainy day.

Translated by Aileen