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Hide and Seek, Magical Zhanjiajie Tour to Avatar-Pandora

A mountain peak in Zhangjiajie inspired Golden Globes Best Director winner James Cameron for his blockbuster Avatar, this is no news. Of late, a netizen posted what he/she found:”South Pillar of the Heaven” (also called the “Pillar between Heaven and Earth”)appeared on the 42nd seconds; Yuping Peak on the 33m21s; cataracts of Baofeng Lake 55m53s; and peaks of Tianzi Mountain 2h17m40s.” This post has aroused a heated buzz very soon and gives a further push to the Hide-and-Seek tour to Zhangjiajie——to find out the prototype of the magnificent scenes in Avatar. Hey you, yes, you. Come and join this game with us? Get all those stunning scenes!    Bon Voyage!

South Pillar of the Heaven

According to PRlog, one of the “Hallelujah Mountains” in the movie is modeled after the South Pillar of the Heaven, on which a major cameraman for the movie spent four days shooting photos. Can you find it very quickly in the forest park of Zhangjiajie? I guess the answer is “yes”.

Baofeng Lake

Around the lake area you can see where the cataracts are found in the film Avatar. Explore the beauty…a place you don’t want to miss.

Yuping Peak

Peaks of Tianzi Mountain

From the unique peaks in clusters here you will re-find the mysterious setting of Avatar.

Contributed by Misu Spark Lee