Hand-shaking dance preheats《Misty Rain in Zhangjiajie》Playback

On April 2nd, in Zhangjiajie Huanglong cave hall square, staffs of 《Misty Rain in Zhangjiajie》 dash into a big circle in “The day after tomorrow” sculpture, jumping up tujia waving dance hand in hand. The cheerful music, rich ethnic dance has attracted many Chinese and foreign tourists to be involved in the formation of the scale of hundreds of people, immediately letting the huanglong hole ecological square become into an ocean of joy.

According to hall, in the ecological square, waving dance is a warm-up activity of a large folk dance 《Misty Rain in Zhangjiajie》 playback. After months of adjustment, 《Misty Rain in Zhangjiajie》 will have a playback on April 8. The warm-up activity is to let the rehearsal staff change nervous mood. Secondly, it aims to let visitors be involved in close contact with staffs. From the point of site condition, the activity has achieved good results. As long as the weather permits, visitors in Zhangjiajie Huanglong hole will have a tujia waving dance, enjoying a distinctive flavour of travel.

Translated by Sophia