Guests of Hunan Travel Festival Experience Red Culture in Shaoshan

On Sept. 15, an interviewing team invited by the 2015 China Hunan International Tourism Festival experienced red culture in Shaoshan, the hometown of Chinese great leader Chairman Mao Zedong, a holy place of revolution and a demonstration base for patriotic education.

Facing the north, the Former Residence of Chairman Mao is located at Shaoshan Village, Shaoshan Township, Shaoshan City.

Photo taken on Sept. 15 shows the interior of the former residence of Chairman Mao.

A corner of the Mao Zedong Bronze Statue Square

Chairman Mao Memorial Hall

The Dripping Water Cave, about 3 km away from the Former Residence of Chairman Mao, is located on the west of Shaoshanchong Village.

The guests watch the real-scene drama From China Arises Mao Zedong.

Translator: Xiao Juan

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal