"God painted Zhangjiajie"Painting trip in Zhangjiajie

November 11, 2011 morning, 13 domestic and overseas famous contemporary painter, in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park,Golden Whip Stream,launched a seven-day Painting trip"God painted Zhangjiajie"

It is reported that oil painting masters, in addition to the Golden Whip Stream, Tianzishan, Baofeng, Tianmenshan and other scenic spots in creation, the artists will be painting and into the Yongding Yinjiaxi Town and Luo River, experience the local customs, for improvisation. After the event, will select 100 outstanding works, held in Changsha "God painted Zhangjiajie" famous oil painting exhibition, and published in "Chinese Oil Painting", "Chinese oil painters" and other professional journals.