Free WiFi Service to be Offered in Hunan's Normal-speed Trains

It was learned from the Guangzhou Railway (Group) Corporation that free WiFi will shortly be available on all regular trains originating in Hunan province for the first time in China.

The “WiFi Passenger Train Integrative Services System” has passed performance test, and passengers can enjoy online service during the whole journey. In the carriages installed with the system, passengers can get access to free WiFi service only by switching on WiFi function of their smart phone or computer and inputting the website of railwifi.cn.

The system includes such services as “Train Cinema”, “Information for Passengers” and a “Travel Guidebook”. It enables passengers to check ticket information and train schedule, get acquaintance with scenic spots and dining services along the railway, make hotel reservations and appreciate almost 200 domestic and foreign movies.

Up to now, Guangzhou Railway has taken the lead in installing 280 wireless devices under 23 normal-speed trains originating in Hunan. After the Spring Festival travel rush, such devices will be placed under remaining 25 normal-speed trains.

Translator: Zhang Minsi

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal