Freddie Knocker,King of Wire-walking Failed Again at Zhangjiajie Tianmenshan

Freddie Knocker is from a Swiss acrobatics family. He has learned acrobat since he was 4 years old. He was prize Champion for many times and some of them were even listed in Guinness Book of World Records.

This year,He planed to walk on a cable rope from No.9B to No.10B. It is 690 meters long with a fall of over 500 and about 42°inclination under no protection. The more he goes further, The more steeper it is. This was not the first time to challenge himself at Zhangjiajie Tiamenshan. He had tried once on March 20th, 2010 with another master of wire-walking, Saimaiti from China. They both had failed in the end.

Unfortunately, He failed again this year. Though most people are not surprised, for they believe that this is an impossible task.“I will not challenge this rope from No.9B to No.10B again”. He spoke frankly but still optimistically said, “As Chinese words go, Numerous charming sights lie above the steep peak. Though I don’t make it, I enjoyed beautiful view of Zhangjiajie Tianmenshan. If there are other challenge programs, I will perhaps take part in it. And I will not stop doing extreme sports until I am over 80 years old”.

Translated by Zumi