Four Points to Visit Zhangjiajie in winter

White Zhangjiajie

Too familiar with the green Zhangjiajie? Then how about the white one? People the nationwide come and enjoy the sight of a white Zhangjiajie from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and even northern people who seldom have a snow shortage. During winter, Zhangjiajie has become a world of fairyland, a snow-white and crystal clear world. Together with the openings of some new scenic spots, Zhangjiajie now shine as a new favorite of winter visits.

Charming landscape, tangible benefits

Tianmen Mountain in winter

Out of slack season, the crisp air as well as clean & clear landscape replaces the rushing crowds. Plus, satisfactory discount provided by hotels, restaurants, and most importantly the travel sites. For instance, Concessionary Fare of Tianmen Mountain Started from Dec.01 , so you can have a more superior chance to walk on the Glass Plank Road of Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain.

Landscape: not like animals, we don’t sleep in winter

White fairyland

Zhangjiajie belongs to the subtropical zone, enjoying a humid monsoon climate. While in winter, climate is quite favorable to visitors, as evidence by fine weather, and an average temperature of 5 degrees Celsius (41°F). Though decorated by white snow, the original green can still penetrate through the cover, showing you its vibrancy.

Close to forest, usher in a new spring

Davidia involucrata

Zhangjiajie’s forest coverage rate amounted to 97.7%. As the first national forest park in China, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park embraces the floristics which next to double that of the whole Europe.

Walking on the fallen leaves, looking at the green peak in the distance, taking a deep breath of the cool air of winter, you may have the wonderful experience that spring, autumn, winter, all rolled into one.

Relaxing in hot spring

Jiangya Hot Spring

After leaving your footprints on the beautiful mountains, you may have a relaxing bath at the top two renowned hot springs: Wanfu Hot Spring and Jiangya Hot Spring.

Throw yourself into the warm spring and the thin mist, close your eyes, meditate, and put away the hustle and bustle of city. Anything else more appropriate for this winter?

Translated By Misu Spark Lee
Source: Zhangjiajie Official Web Portal