Four big reasons for choosing Zhangjiajie tourism in winter

Many people think Zhangjiajie travel in winter is very cold, So they gave up traveling in winter to Zhangjiajie. But Zhangjiajie winter snow is a must, which is the essence of Zhangjiajie scenery.

Reason one: Zhangjiajie winter travel is the off-season. More and more people choose to Zhangjiajie travel, but the peak season all the year round in Zhangjiajie mainly concentrates in the spring, summer and autumn. Winter of Zhangjiajie travel generally won’t appear a lot of people, which is a quiet, comfortable and clean place.

Reason two: Zhangjiajie travel in winter is wonderland. Winter snow is the fairy tale of the world, which lets people feel very fantastic.

Reason three: Zhangjiajie winter travel is delicious. In this season, people can catch up with Tujia homemade delicious food, experience the whole process of production. Another special point is about Zhangjiajie Tujia has the habit of hunting in winter. People can also taste Zhangjiajie duck, pheasant, hare, wild boar, dove, a goat, and so on.

Reason four: Zhangjiajie winter travel is a hot spring paradise. Zhangjiajie has very rich hot spring resources. Snow in winter, people in Zhangjiajie can enjoy the natural scenery and cultural implication of at the same time, can feel the natural hot spring.

Translated by Sophia