Folk Custom Performances Staged in Fenghuang to Celebrate Spring Festival

Visitors from various places joyfully appreciated folk custom performances in Fenghuang Ancient Town on February 21 (the third day of the first lunar month) to celebrate the Spring Festival.

Excellent traditional folk customs and arts including exhibition of spring pictures and couplets, lion dance on plum blossom stakes, Tantang opera, lanterns and paper-cutting were staged on both sides of the town. Visitors spoke highly of the Spring Festival Performance of Folk Customs and Arts there.

Serial activities on folk customs and culture in Fenghuang will last till March 5 (the 15th day of the first lunar month).

Fenghuang, a residence for Tujia and Miao Minority in western Hunan, has preserved century-old folk customs including butchering pigs in lunar month, making glutinous rice cakes, Gannian of Tujia Minority, sacrifice ceremony, and singing local opera. In addition, visitors experienced national and provincial intangible cultural heritages like Miao drum, paper crafts and Miao embroidery.

According to official statistics of Fenghuang County, Fenghuang received about 100,000 visitors from February 18 (Chinese New Year's Eve) to February 20 (the second day of the first lunar month).

Translator: Wang Xiaolu

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal