Five Hunan Villages Selected as China’s Beautiful Villages

Recently the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) announced a list of 150 beautiful villages in China for 2017. The villages were recommended by local governments and reviewed by experts.

Five Hunan villages made the list.

Two Characteristic Villages

Laochehe Village, Longshan County

Baoyao Village, Dongkou County

Two Modern Villages

Dongmen Village, Liuyang City

Zhujia Village, Taojiang County

One Historical Village

Bachi Village, Qiyang County

The MOA initiated the event for the purpose of building beautiful and livable villages to promote ecological environment and advance harmony between human being and the nature. It gives priorities to carrying forward farming culture and folk custom, protecting traditional dwellings, building picturesque farmland, and developing agri-travel. 

The selection criteria are as follows: 

1. Good ecological environment. The village implements the environmental protection requirements by the central government, formulates specific measures to practice environmental protection effectively. It promotes a green, circular, and low-carbon economy, to integrate landscape resources and achieve resource-saving-based industrial structure and lifestyle. 

2. Diversified industrial functions. Agricultural functions have been fully expanded; farming culture, pastoral style, and folk culture inherited; and, agricultural production and leisure functions integrated. The village should promote the integrated development of primary, secondary, and tertiary industries. It has good capacity to bring for job creation and increase farmers’ income. 

3. Unique village layout. 

4. Sound mental outlook.

Translator: Xiao Juan