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First Tourist-Dedicated Train to Shaoshan Arrives

First tourist-dedicated train to Shaoshan arrived on March 24. 690 tourists from Sichuan Province became the first passengers of this new train.

Xiangtan Tourist Administration underwent tremendous hard work to realize this project. . It strove for support from railway departments and on February 28, invited higher-ups of 98 travel agencies from across China to hold an on-the-spot investigation of various scenic spots in Xiangtan so as to sign several agreements regarding this train.

Up to now, 12 tourist-dedicated trains to Shaoshan have successfully made way to the destination from the Northeast, Central, West and East of China, with 600 to 1000 passengers on each train. It is predicted that until the 120th Anniversary of Mao Zedong’s birth on December 26, at least 20 special trains would have arrived in Shaoshan.

Translator: Wang Rong

Source: hunan.gov.cn