Fenghuang-Daxing Expressway Officially Opens

On November 6, the expressway from Fenghuang of Hunan Province to Daxing of Guizhou Province officially opened, adding another outbound passageway from Hunan to other provinces. Since then, it takes only 20 minutes to reach the Tongren Airport from Fenghuang, saving about half an hour.

Connecting the Jishou-Huaihua Expressway built last year, the Fenghuang-Daxing highway starts from the north of Fenghuang city, travels across the Tuojiang River, relic site of the Southern Great Wall, ancient city of Huangsiqiao, Alaying Town, Niuyan Reservoir and finally arrives in Daxing Town, the junction of Hunan and Guizhou. It connects several provinces located in southwest China like Sichuan, Guizhou and Chongqing. It is also a part of Hangzhou-Ruili Expressway in Hunan with a designated speed of 80 kilometers per hour.

Besides, it is learned that the Tongren Fenghuang Airport in Daxing Town is set to finish constructing next year, which means it will take only half an hour for visitors to get to Fenghuang after flying to Daxing.

With the Southern Great Wall shaped sound-insulating walls and service areas of ancient stockade villages along the road, the highway is marked as a "tourist highway". A three-dimensional and fast transportation passageway around Fenghuang in both land and air is expected to be formed with Jishou-Huaihua Highway, Fenghuang-Daxing Expressway and Tongren Fenghuang Airport around the county. 

Bazongwan Bridge on the expressway from Fenghuang of Hunan Province to Daxing of Guizhou Province

Translator: Li Xuan

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal