Explore Changsha Area by Bike

It gets cool when autumn is coming. A good time for outdoor activities, such as cycling! Changsha is a wonderful place to explore by bike. There are many cycle tracks dotted with splendid landscapes. So get on your bike and start a cycling trip!

1,Xiangjiang Avenue

The Xiangjiang Avenue north extension, totaling 10.5 km, is located at Dingziwan Street and Tongguan Street, Wangcheng District. And the Avenue’s southern section stretches southward from the Xiangfulu Bridge along the river. When riding along this section, you may enjoy a splendid view of Xiangjiang River.

2,Liuyang River Scenic Belt

Located on the Liuyang River west bank, the scenic belt stretches for 8 km from Renmin East Road in the south to Chezhan North Road in the north. Cycling along the belt, you may enjoy the meandering river, magnificent Liuyang River Square, dragon boat shaped houses, and beautiful parks.  

3,Guitang River Scenic Belt  

The scenic belt is located at the middle reaches of Guitang River. It stretches for 3km from Xiangzhang Road in the north to Xiangfu Middle Road in the south. It is an ideal route to explore natural and cultural landscapes in Changsha. However, it is necessary to avoid riding at the high-traffic locations in the rush hours.  

4,Jinggang Ancient Town  

Jinggang Ancient Town, on the Xiangjiang River west bank, was once a prosperous commercial hub in Hunan, and is currently a tourist attraction. Setting out from downtown area, and riding along the Xiangjiang River toward Wangcheng District, then you will reach the town.  

5,Taohualing Scenic Area  

The scenic area has a 10-km cycle track, including a 7.26k-m section around a lake. It offers cyclists a challenging and rewarding ride because of frequent ups and downs along the track.  

6,Yanghu Wetland Park  

A 13-km slow traffic system is under construction in the park, which will enable visitors to enjoy an easy cycling tour.   

7,Huitang Bicycle-themed Park  

Huitang Bicycle-themed Park is the first of its kind in Hunan. All its cycle tracks meet the international mountain bike track standard, including a 5.3-km bikeway for professional cyclists and a 3.5-km one for amateurs. You may enjoy the amazing scenery while riding.   

8,Yuelu Mountain  

The cyclists can cycle up the mountain road from the east gate (beside Changsha No. 4 Hospital), and go down from the south gate (near Dongfanghong Square). It is about a 5-km ride.  

9,Heimifeng Peak  

Heimifeng Peak is a challenging destination for climbing specialists. Starting from downtown area, you may cycle across Xiangjiang River, and ride towards Heimifeng Forest Park. You can savor amazing view of the mountainside reservoir during your cycling trip.   

10,Dawei Mountain  

Dawei Mountain is located at the border of Hunan and Jiangxi provinces. Qixing Peak, 1607.9 meters above sea level, is the summit, and also the highest peak in Changsha. The mountain is rich in natural and tourist resources. Experienced cyclists would take a 3-day ride there, and camp at Guandu Town.