European Environment Experts praised Zhangjiajie as “Oasis” in China

“Zhangjiajie is loved by European union environment expert,and is acclaimed Chinese Oasis” On April 27th, Mr Royal Danish Chinese photographer Zhongmin Peng was delighted to tell his hometown in hunan friends about this news, with the photograph published “China Zhangjiajie” materials electronic images.

After the April 19th, international conference held in Copenhagen, Denmark, European environment agency director Dr Hans published a “Low carbon cycle economy policy ideas” speech. He saw fondle admiringly published “China Zhangjiajie” album. After reading, he was deeply moved by Zhangjiajie crags of the uncanny workmanship, forest vegetation, which praised Zhangjiajie as the world’s low carbon travel resort, “China Oasis on earth” Then, he shared “China Zhangjiajie” album with related experts and scholars, so a lot of representatives were scrambling to take a photo album as a souvenir. They hoped that they can have the opportunity to visit Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan world natural heritage site on vacation.

Zhongmin Peng is originally from Ningxiang, presently for the Danish Chinese photographers’ association chairman and Denmark’s first royal photographer. Since September 2010, in Denmark, he has held the exhibition. Zhong-min peng has been keen to promote the beauty of the home country. In June 2013, the Danish prime minister through “China Zhangjiajie” scenery picture album, has praised that Zhangjiajie was tremendous.

Translated by Sophia