European and American tourists show favor in Zhangjiajie

On September 25th, British Mr. Martin Yau, The manager of the overseas Chinese tour groups, left Zhangjiajie with great praise.As we have learned, in the world natural heritage sites Wulingyuan Yuanjiajie, Tianzi mountain, Huanglong hole and other scenic spots, everywhere we can see European and American tourists and can hear the sound of Zhangjiajie landform scenery.

Along with the development of Zhangjiajie avatar events, Zhangjiajie tianmen mountain international country singles, wing outfit flight competition and creative activities, Zhangjiajie international visibility and reputation is rising rapidly in recent years. Huanglong scenic spot introduces, one of the most scenic spot this year day visitors received more than 50 countries, including European and American countries quantity half.

The favour of the European and American tourists to Zhangjiajie, Changed the foreign tourists to Korea “Monolith” situation, which guaranteed Zhangjiajie has been a steady rise in overseas visitors.According to statistics, at the end of August this year, Zhangjiajie overseas visitors to reach 1.65 million people, and rose 22.57% last year.

Translated by Sophia