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“Dwelling in Fuchun Mountain” Presented to National Museum of China

ShaPing Xiang Embroidery Museum presented Xiang (Hunan) embroidery of the reunited painting Dwelling in Fuchun Mountain to National Museum of China as permanent preservation in Beijing on August 5, 2011.

Mao Yongzhen, curator of ShaPing Xiang Embroidery Museum, said that he spent two years on its plan and preparation. He invited Liu Aiyun, a master of arts and crafts, to instruct over 30 provincial artists of Xiang Embroidery. After five months’efforts, the same-size work of the original painting was made, representing the elegant panorama of Fuchun River in Zhejiang Province.

The artwork is 13m long and 50cm high. It integrates painting, calligraphy, seal, and poetry, and uses threads of different shades to achieve the artistic effect of “Chinese ink presenting five colors”.

Various stitches are used to display the strokes, forms, and verve of 956 Chinese characters in preface and postscript. Thirteen shades of red threads are employed to reproduce 67 imperial seals, collection seals, and painting and calligraphy seals in different periods in the original painting.

Translator: Lv Xuefen
Source: Hunan Official Web Portal