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“Dongnanzaobao” Summer Camp Preferred Zhangjiajie

According to Quanzhou, Fujian Southeast China Moring Newspaper, the 2013 Young Reporters’ Summer Camp of Southeast China Moring Newspaper will open the camp activity on August 20, lasting for 6 days, of which Zhangjiajie National Forest Park–the summer resort has become the first choice.

The organizer of the activity introduces that their decision of Zhangjiajie as the first choice of the summer camp is not only for taking a fancy of the policy of free charge for global primary and secondary school students under the age of 19, but also taking much attention to Zhangjiajie’s landscape scenery with sound ecological environment and high-quality air, which can bring a happy journey full of words inspirations to these young reporters. Except experiencing freshness in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, they will take the number one elevator–Dragon Elevators to feel Avatar’s fairyland, and also visit Yellow Dragon Cave for exploring Karst landform.

Before the release of the upcoming summer camp, many students and parents call for consultation and application.

This summer camp’s first choice of Zhnagjiajie is epitome of Zhangjiajie’s successful marketing promotion in Fujian market. In the middle of July, Wulingyuan launched travel promotion activity in Fujian, which themed with“Away from summer heat, fresh in Zhangjiajie”. Especially, Wulingyuan signed with many travel agencies and media in Fujian in terms of travel tour line promotion, gave ads subsidies and offered preferential awarding policy, which arouse large receptions among primary and secondary schools in Fujian.

By Crystal