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Depth Communication Between Zhangjiajie and Thai Agencies and Media Opened

On July 23, an in-depth communication between Zhangjiajie and Thai Travel Agencies as well as Thai Media held in Zhangjiajie.28 mainstream media,such as Bangkok Post, Nation newspaper, Bangkok Today together with 14 famous Thai travel agencies took part in this communication meeting.

Mr Cheng Danfeng, vice mayor of Zhangjiajie warmly expresses welcome and introduces the fame and titles Zhangjiajie gained successively. For example,China’s first national forest park, the first Chinese world natural heritage, world geological park, the first national civilized scenic spot, China excellent tourist city as well as China’s most influential overseas cities.

Then,Mr Cheng has introduced Zhangjiajie from four aspects: Beautiful Zhangjiajie with charming landscape, Green Zhangjiajie with ecological environment, Cultural Zhangjiajie with rich folklore and permissive Zhangjiajie with abundant business opportunities. The relationship between Zhangjiajie and Thailand grows closer since the charter flight routes opened in Bangkok, Thailand,in 2012, which offers a more convenient chance for travelers.

It is reported that the Thai media and travel agencies would pay a 7-day trip in Zhangjiajie. During this period, they respectively have the on-the-spot investigation in Tianmen Mountain, Mount Tianzi,Yellow Stone Village, etc. Meanwhile, they watched stage drama Fairy Fox and got a better understanding of Zhangjiajie’s customs and folklores as well as the preferential policies. When back to Thailand, more information and introduction about Zhangjiajie will be showed on the screen in Thailand, which facilitates Thai people learns more about Zhangjiajie.

By Aileen