Culture & Art Committee of CCICHCC Launched in Hunan Changsha

On January 8, the Culture & Art Committee of the China Chamber of International Commerce Hunan Chamber of Commerce (CCICHCC) was launched in Changsha, aiming to promote international communication and cooperation in Hunan's cultural industry. Provincial leaders and some veteran comrades including Xiao Yayu, Shen Ruiting, Yu Haichao, Luo Haifan, Yan Yongsheng, Tang Zhixiang, Luo Guiqiu and Wang Tingming attended the launching ceremony.

Jointly initiated by over fifty famed culture and art enterprises in Hunan Province, the Culture & Art Committee of CCICHCC involves such industries as culture, art, sports, news, jewelry and auction. At the launching ceremony, paintings of oil painters like Liao Shiliang, Liu Yeqing, Xiang Wenwen and Yin Ni were exhibited. Representatives from international cultural organizations like American Federation of Musician and Art En Voyage also exchanged ideas with Hunan artists on the spot.

Translator: Yin Xiaodong

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal