Contribution Award for Influencing China’s Culture-Travel Development


The Organizing Committee of the 1st China International Culture-Tourism Festival officially revealed to the public the top three of the nine varieties of the “Contribution Award for Influencing China’s Culture-Tourism Development” on Oct. 24.

The nine varieties of awards will be granted to an article, a painting, a movie, a TV play, a song, a travel show, a sentence of promotion, a cultural theme park and an ancient town or village that exert the most influence upon China’s travel.

The show “Mount Tianmen Fox Fairy”, the Fenghuang (Phoenix) Ancient Town and Hongjiang Ancient Business Town, the famous painter Wu Guanzhong's essay titled “The Unknown Bred in an Inner Chamber” and his painting “Scene of Zhangjiajie” respectively entered the top three in their corresponding field.

From Oct. 25, the public can vote for their favorite among the top three entries of each award via short messages and network, which is decisive for the final result.