Construction of “China Chiyou Culture Park” Kicks off in Xinhua County

Hosted by Loudi Municipal People’s Government, jointly undertaken by Xinhua County People’s Government and Loudi Municipal Tourism Bureau, the cornerstone-laying ceremony of “China Chiyou Culture Park” was held in Daxiong (Big Bear) Mountain, Xinhua County on April 1, 2011.

The culture park consists of ancestry culture zone and religious culture zone, with the former starting construction this time. In 2009, the park was listed among Hunan’s key projects of travel industry.
The first phase of the project will focus on Culture Sqaure, Youchi Main Hall, Huwei Main Hall, Chunji Main Hall, Brother Corridor, Shanzhai Door, Worshipping Road, Sacrifice shrine, Chiyou Statue, Jinshui (Golden Water) Bridge,river improvement, Parking Lot and Tourist Center. The second phase will concentrate on Performing Center, beacon tower, museum, virtue corridor, Chiyou ancient stockade and stream scenic belt. Efforts will be made to set up a farming experience zone, a reception center and to renovate local dwelling houses at the third phase.

Chiyou is considered as one of the Three Grand Ancestors of the Chinese nation alongside the Yellow Emperor and Shennong.

Translator: Zhang Minsi
Source: Hunan Official Web Portal