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Closure of Zhangjiajie Lishui Huge Suspension Bridge

The journey from Zhangjiajie to Chongqing is going to cut its time in half,namely simply 4hs is needed.

On 11, June,It is reported  that the huge suspension bridge over Lishui River in Zhangjiajie succeeds in closure.

This huge suspension bridge located in the connection between Yongding district and Yongshun district in Zhangjiajie at a length of 856m in main span,applies a single-span steel truss structure. The huge suspension bridge with 1194.2m in whole length and 24.5m in width across the valley of Lishui River .Its altitude difference is 400m from the bridge to the valley bottom.

By report, the Lishui River huge suspension bridge is merely second to Aizhai huge suspension bridge in Hunan province.Once the bridge open to traffic, from Zhangjiajie to Chongqing will halve the journey.

Translated by Aileen