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Chinese “Icemen” Break World Record in Zhangjiajie

The Chinese “Icemen” Chen Kecai (left) and Jin Songhao (right) stand in a plastic box during a cold endurance competition in Zhangjiajie on Jan. 3, 2011. Jin Songhao and the other challenger Chen Kecai, both from Northeast China’s Helongjiang province, took part in an ice endurance contest held on Tianmen Mountain on Monday, in which the two stayed in ice wearing nothing but a swimsuit. Jin Songhao dwarfed Wim Hof’s world record for the longest ice bath by immersing himself in ice for 120 minutes while Chen last for 118 minutes. The previous world record was 115 minutes, which was made by Dutch “Iceman” Win Hof on Dec 30, 2010.

Jin Songhao, one of the two Chinese icemen braving cold in a box full of ice cubes, prepares to start his challenge on Tianmen mountain in Zhangjiajie.

Chen Kecai, one of the two Chinese icemen, braves cold in a box full of ice cubes on Tianmen mountain in Zhangjiajie.

Chinese “Iceman” Jin Songhao celebrates after setting a new world record for withstanding extreme cold in Zhangjiajie.