Chinese and Foreign Tourists were intoxicated in Huanglong scenic area

On the afternoon of June 14th, A group of nearly 100 African tourists came to Huanglongdong scenic spot. In the middle of the summer’s ecological square, they were making a show of enthusiasm and excitement in the picturesque scenery, constantly taking pictures. It is understood that this is the most populous African travel team since the opening of Huanglongdong scenic area.

In the middle of summer, the scenery is perfect. After the rain, in Huanglong hole, the air is fresh and the trees are dripping. The green leaves, and the large flowers look delicate after the rain. And the vegetables on the roadside are adding an infinite amount of life to the ecological square, intoxicating the Chinese and foreign tourists.

According to scenic reception, graduation season in June, this is the traditional off season, but the foreign tourists are sharply rising in recent months. In addition to the traditional Korean tourists, Europe and America, southeast Asia are also growing. And now African guests celebrate hundreds of people in recent years, which becomes one of the few large foreign travel teams.

Translated by Sophia