China's First Comprehensive Food Culture Museum Approved

Hunan Food Culture Research Association on May 3 revealed that the construction project of Hunan Food Culture Museum, China's first comprehensive food culture museum has been approved by the Hunan Provincial Cultural Department, marking the official launch of this project.

The museum will be on a mission to step up the protection, inheritance and development of local food and cuisines. The traditional cooking techniques will be rescued, explored, collected and protected. The museum will play a distinctive role in training high-quality and skilled practitioners of these intangible heritage items.

On the local food and cuisine intangible heritage list, Anhua Black Tea and Yiyang Fu Brick Teas have been put under state protection. The customs of oil tea of the Miao Nationality and Taohuayuan Lei cha (literally “pounded tea”) were included among 12 food intangible cultural heritage items under the provincial-level protection. There are 1,000 such varieties in local food, cuisine and food customs under the county-level protection.

Translator: Guo Yan
Source: Hunan Official Web Portal