"China Zhangjiajie (Astana) Silk Road Stop" Established

The “China Zhangjiajie (Astana) Silk Road Stop” plaque unveiling ceremony, an important event of the Hunan Week at Astana Expo 2017, was held in the capital of Kazakhstan on July 17, 2017. Zhangjiajie Vice Mayor Ouyang Bin, Dean of the Tourism Research Institute of L. N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University and General Manager of Eurasia-Astana Travel Co., Ltd., Altai Global Trading Company General Manager, and more than 40 representatives from all walks of life attended. The event marked Zhangjiajie’s first step in implementing the national “Belt and Road” initiative to expand international travel cooperation and to develop innovative and international travel, cultural, and economic exchanges.

Vice Major Ouyang Bin remarked that establishing the Astana Silk Road Stop not only connects travel, the economy, trade, and cultural enterprises between Zhangjiajie and Central Asian countries, but also between multiple regions and countries along the “Belt and Road” route. He expects it will become Zhangjiajie’s international platform to enhance external publicity, travel marketing, economic and trade cooperation, and cultural exchange with global partners. “In the future, Zhangjiajie use the advantages of the national ‘Belt and Road’ initiative, and promote Silk Road Stop building in relevant countries, to strengthen the city’s travel, economy, trade, and cultural cooperation with our international friends.” He added.

After the ceremony, China and Kazakhstan enterprises signed a series of cooperation agreements laying a long-term cooperation basis for Zhangjiajie’s international travel, economy and trade, and cultural advancement.

The Zhangjiajie Sangzhi folk song performance in prelude to the plaque-unveiling ceremony.

Zhangjiajie Vice Major Ouyang Bin (R) and his Kazakhstan counterpart unveil the commemorative plaque for “China Zhangjiajie (Astana) Silk Road Stop”.

Translator: Yu Jiangjiang