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China Post Issues Zhangjiajie Definitive Stamps

According to China philatelic portal, on May 19 of “China travel day”, China Post will officially launch the first set of definitive stamps in the theme of beautiful China, a full set of six. The Content includes the landscape of zhangjiajie core scenic spots, Red Beach of wetland in Pan Jin, Zhongwei Shapo Head in Ningxia, Yuanyang Terraced Fields in Yunnan, and Xinhui Bird Paradise in Guangdong and Neixiang Baotianman Scenic Area in Henan. Face values of Full set of 6 stamps are 80 points, 80 points,1.20 yuan and 1.20 yuan, 1.20 yuan, three yuan respectively.

The insiders said that, in recent years, zhangjiajie, with its beautiful natural scenery and folk customs, has attracted tourists from all over the world. The collection of Zhangjiajie’s landscape in this set will be of great significance for the publicity and promotion of zhangjiajie, for the development travel industry in zhangjiajie, and for the construction of the world high-quality travel products.

By Brenda