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Charming Xiangxi has agood start in the year of rooster

On February 4th, Zhangjiajie Charming Xiangxi Theater spreads good news: “Zhangjiajie, charming xiangxi” has a “Good start” in the year of rooster. From January 28 to February 3, it has successfully given 17 performances, which set a reception of domestic and overseas audience of 37,000 people, compared with the same period last year growth of 17%.

This Spring Festival travel golden week, Zhangjiajie charming xiangxi has played three games in three days from January 29 to 31 every night. It not only satisfy the masses of tourists to see the mountains during the day, and in the evening to watch drama. To a certain extent, it reduces the stress of the core scenic area wulingyuan travel peak. Due to the high visibility and reputation drama of national culture, 2,800-seats almost every game are sold out.

The famous director Feng Xiaogang switches the ongoing quality upgrading to Zhangjiajie charming xiangxi, which is expected to launch in April. At the appointed time, Zhangjiajie charming xiangxi will be more good-looking.

Translated by Sophia