Changsha Historical and Cultural Exhibition Opens

The exhibition is divided into two parts: exhibits in ancient times and modern times. More than 1,250 unearthed objects and 2,400 file photos are on display in four exhibition halls. Over 80 exhibiting techniques such as site reproduction, sculpture, multimedia, animation video, virtual reality device, DIY experience device, and electronic technology were adopted. The exhibition focuses on Changsha’s major historical events, prominent historical figures, and urban evolution. Those classic relics excavated in Changsha or collected over the previous years are fully displayed. Via the exhibition, visitors will know more about Changsha’s past and present. Visitors can get a free ticket by showing valid certificates.

The photo above taken on May 18, 2017 shows citizens are viewing and taking photos in front of a large elephant-patterned bronze cymbal. On the International Museum Day (May 18) the Changsha historical and cultural exhibition opening ceremony was held at Changsha Museum.

Translator: Yu Jiangjiang