Changsha Becomes One of the Free Line Pilot City to Taiwan

According to the latest news released by Taiwan free line official website that the third batch of free line pilot cities to Taiwan have determined, which total 13 cities with 6+7 two stages.

The first stage is beginning on June 28th, 2013, including: suzhou, wuhan, ningbo, Qingdao, zhengzhou, shenyang. Changsha hands with changchun, shijiazhuang, kunming, nanning, quanzhou and hefei consist the seven pilot cities for the second stage, which scheduled for August 28th, 2013.

The certificates expected for free line to Taiwan are passport issued by the public security departments of mainland,G-visa (the individual travel visa) and Taiwan entry permit issued by Taiwan. Passport costed 30 yuan is handled in public security bureau hall with five-year valid term. G-visa charges for 20 yuan and is valid for six months. The third certificate can only be admitted with a qualified agency. More over, some documents and corresponding financial proof should be submitted. Students can apply without financial statement.

By Aileen