Build Zhangjiajie into a World-famous Tourist Resort


Xu Shousheng, acting governor of Hunan Province arrived at Zhangjiajie on Sept.19 for an investigation on the travel industry, economic and social development there.

During his two-day investigation tour, Xu urged that efforts should be intensified to build Zhangjiajie into a prestigious tourist resort both at home and abroad.

He further put forward six suggestions on the issue. Firstly, environmental protection should be given priorities based on the domestic and international advanced experience and modern technological means in this field. Then, all-out efforts should be exerted to strengthen the travel industry- the pillar industry of the city in a drive to promote the in-depth integration of the folk culture and natural landscape. Thirdly, the commitment to putting people first in the process of travel development must be highlighted. Fourthly, centering on the advancement of travel industry, work should be done to expand the role of the relevant supporting industries such as the emerging industry and modern service industry in driving consumption in the travel sector. Fifthly, more attention should be paid to making this sector open wider to the outside world. And finally the development environment of the travel industry should be optimized by strengthening the management of travel market, rectifying market order, improving service quality and creating a reassuring consumption environment.