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Beijing Shijingshan Staff Inspect Zhangjiajie

On September 3, Ronghua, The district committee secretary of Beijing Shijingshan district along other seven personnel come to Zhangjiajie for survey. They conduct informal discussion and field trip on scene dictrict program, development and construction, operation management and operate mode. Relevant officers from Zhangjiajie attend the forum.

At the afternoon of September 3, Shijingshan District·Zhangjiajie held a friendly forum on work communication. In the forum, Dengjian, vice-governor of Zhangjiajie introduces the basic information of Wulingyuan to the visiting group in terms of scene management system, natural heritage protection and travel development. Sishangguo, The vice-chairman of Shijingshan district CPPCC, presents the basic information of Shijingshan district in terms of effective integration of resources, discovery of history and culture and the formation of industry chain. The two parties carry out large contacts on travel trend, difficulty of development and future direction. Chen Danfeng, member of Zhangjiajie’s standing committee and deputy mayor elaborates on Zhangjiajie’s future outlook on development, and gives successful travel marketing cases.

During the three-day trip, The personnel from Beijing pay field trips to Tianzi Mount, Yuanjiajie, Golden Whip Stream, Gaint-salamander museum, Yellow Dragon cave, Bao feng Lake and Tianmen Mount, and appreciate the Charming Western Hunan and Tianmen Fairy Fox–New Liuhai Chops firewoods.

By Crystal