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Barrel Cliff Appears in Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon;Geological Experts Call It A Riddle

Inside Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon attraction, There is a ten-diameter and sixty-height barrel cliff that causes huge attention travel circle and ecological experts. Nevertheless, after survy and analysis by many a expert, they make a conclusion that although the cliff geology is karst landform, the reason that how the barrel-style cliff is formed still remains unknown.

Chen xiaodong, The president of Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon attraction indicates “Barrel Cliff” is not really a whole circle, but likes a barrel that is splited from the inner side, while its “liner” exploses outside; the surface of the cliff is covered with small but flurishing woods that is green all year round; the cliff surface is wet with uniform hollows scattered and shallow color; the cliff is a integral whole without fault, staggered floor and lofty places; the unusal nuatural cliff was discovered at the beginning of development of the attraction and was named after its shape.

Chen zhidong also presents in order to clarify the reason of its formation, they invite ecological experts to have field trip in Zhangjiajie, but there is no exact explaination about is; many ecological experts exclaim there are common karst landform in Grand Canyon and except the barrel cliff, there in no another barrekl-style cliff around the attraction; besides, there is also no barrel-style cliff in karst landform places, so it can’t be explained ecologically.

At the end of last year, when the world famous designer Haim Dotan who is the designer of the Glass Bridge of Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon and renowed Israel building security analyst doron shalev made field visit on the Glass Bridge construction, they also made survey on the “Barrel cliff”. Howerver, Haim Dotanalso shaked his heads and said “Unaccountability ”.

He also exclaims next year they will invite authoritative experts both from home and abroad to come to Zhangjiajie and make special discussion on the “Barrel cliff”, which may finally solve the puzzel.

By Crystal