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Baofeng Lake will send Tickets to Tourists “Red Song” on National Day

To celebrate the 66th anniversary of founding of new China, Zhangjiajie Baofeng Lake will give benefits to tourists at home and abroad October 1,National Day. That is in the designated area, if someone is required to sing “Red song”, he can obtain a scenic spot tour ticket.

Scenic area chief introduction, this tribute National Day activities, On October 1,visitors can complete the songs, such as “Volunteer march”, “Ode to the motherland”, “I love you China” and “My Chinese heart “, So he will be able to get a ticket. The development of the activity, It is sure to allow more domestic and foreign visitors to experience a different trip to Zhangjiajie, increase the world lakes classic-Baofeng lake cultural connotation.

Baofeng lake is located in World natural heritage Wulingyuan district. It is the only place where sandstone also perfect combination with high pinghu scenic spot. It is “Avatar”, “Journey to the west” and other TV dramas live-action location, known as “Drunken beauty lake”.

Translated by Sophia